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Box of 4 x 1lbs Whole Almonds

Marian Farms

Box of 4 x 1lbs Whole Almonds

$ 54.00

Marian Farms is the only producer of Demeter Certified Biodynamic  Almonds in the Western Hemisphere. Our Biodynamic farming practices preserve the “life forces” in the almonds as well as our pasteurizing  methods. We use the Flash Pasteurization Method. This method allows the steam to touch the almonds for only 3 seconds thus preserving the “life forces.” The almonds are air dried for 2 days, then freshly pack and placed into cold storage. Our almonds have a complex and unique flavor profile and has a superior  shelf life. Our Carmel tends to have a bolder almond flavor while the Non Pariel is mild and savory and is commonly used in baking. Both are great as snacks on their own.

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